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The Fintry Ayrshires

The Friends of Fintry Provincial Park Society are pleased to announce the launch of the virtual exhibit, The Fintry Ayrshires: Scottish Cattle in the Far West. The Fintry Ayrshires was funded through Digital Museums Canada.


Captain Dun-Waters with one of his prize Ayrshire cows

The exhibit tells the captivating history of the early years of the Okanagan Ayrshire dairy industry, launched by Captain James Cameron Dun-Waters at his estate at Fintry, though videos, archival photographs, stories and personal anecdotes. The main characters of the story – Fintry Honeysuckle, Alloway Miss Crummie, Fintry Lucky Girl and Captain Dun‑Waters distinguished early dairy operations in the Okanagan and played a key role in B.C.’s dairy history.

Fintry Estate Barn Complex

The Fintry Ayrshires was funded through Digital Museums Canada. The Digital Museums Canada investment program helps build digital capacity in Canadian museums and heritage organizations and gives Canadians unique access to diverse stories and experiences. Digital Museums Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada. 

Barn fall.jpeg

View from a Barn


Octagonal Barn


Exhibit boards in the Octagonal Barn


Weddings at Fintry


Fintry Dairy Barn Complex, 1930s


Inside the Octagonal Dairy Barn

Paul Koroscil, 1938 - 2021

Paul Koroscil’s contributions to the history of British Columbia are extensive. From his years at Simon Fraser University as Instructor and Assistant Professor (Department of Geography), to his many research publications and ultimately his three books “British Columbia: Settlement History”, “The British Garden of Eden (Settlement History of the Okanagan Valley)” and “British Columbia (Geographical Essays)”, Paul was a wealth of knowledge of the history of British Columbia and a valued Director with the Friends of Fintry. Paul had a special interest in the history of the Octagonal Dairy Barn and Ayrshire cattle of Fintry.


Paul Koroscil

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